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Lunchbreak Games

This is a collection of games I've been working on. I call them 'lunchbreak games' because that's how they were made - I set myself a challenge now and then to make a complete game during my lunch break. WHS took a bit longer (about 1.5 lunch breaks) as I decided to make it into a proper application.

Apologies for the screenshots, it's hard to capture while playing, so I ended up with a lot of game-over screens!

Wall Hell Smith

This was made as a tribute to evilpaul's Bullet Hell Survivor, a kind of sub-game of a traditional 2d shoot-em-up where you are bombarded with hundreds of bullets and have to survive. For my game, I took the traditional 'loads of walls, and the level starts scrolling in random directions and you have to find a way though' part.

The aim is simple - move the ship with the arrow keys, an avoid the red walls. Hitting a red wall means instant death. The walls are randomly generated, and the level scrolls in an odd way. The longer you survive, the more walls that appear, and the smaller the gaps. A score of over 50 is reasonable, over 70 is an achievement, and over 90 is a near miracle. I'll be amazed if anyone manages 100!

Technical note: I built this into a proper application, rather than just providing the .qtz file. The reason for that is that some patches in QC are not 'web safe' - i.e. they are disabled when a composition runs in a web browser, or in quicktime, quicklook and a few other places, because they can be a security concern. For this game, I used the 'image pixel' (or possibly histogram, can't remember which) for collision detection, which is not web safe, and the game will therefore not run outside of an application or quartz composer. I've provided the .qtz file too.

About the name: Evilpaul's Bullet Hell Survivor gets shortened to BHS, which is the name of a famous high street store in the UK. I've followed the tradition by calling mine WHS, a famous newsagents.

Download the game / Download the .qtz file


This is similar to WHS, but it's much more random and simple. There's no scrolling, and walls appear, move and change shape randomly. You have to keep the mouse cursor away from the walls for as long as possible, that's all.

This also uses a non-websafe patch for collision detection, so it will load in a web browser, but collision detection won't work so it's somewhat pointless. Load it in QC to play.

Download the .qtz file


The classic pong game, but for one player and reversed. Now the bat moves on its own, and you control the ball with the mouse- it's much harder than it sounds!

Download the .qtz file


The classic tanks game, but again one player with a twist. It's actually suicide tanks - you have to shoot your own tank to score. Sounds easy, but the wind varies a lot, and you can only control the turret angle, not the power.

Download the .qtz file

Canyon chopper

This is a pretty basic game - move the helicopter with the mouse, and avoid crashing into the walls. It takes a while to get going, but the canyon gets narrower and twistier.

Download the .qtz file


My first ever lunchbreak game. It's more or less the same as canyon chopper, but WAY more basic!

Download the .qtz file

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