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Here you'll find a ton of (fairly random) experiments. Where the title has a * next to it, I've included the .qtz files (but be warned - they're mostly uncommented!). There's just videos for the rest (where I'm keeping my work top secret, or I've used private plugins).

A bit more slit scanner

3 videos from the slit scanner.

The code was still buggy for these videos, so there are frequent 'cuts', at though the video skips, and the quality is a bit lower than it should be. I've fixed the code actually, so there's no cuts and MUCH higher quality. But it's now so resource hungry that it crashes regularly, and managed to cause a kernel panic once. Nasty! It takes about 8 seconds to render one frame too. I'm working on a new version, that will do a lot more of the processing up front. That should mean that for each frame, the source video gets split up, then about a meg or two of texture data gets processed. The old version was doing nothing upfront, then processing nearly a gig of data per frame. Anyway, videos:


Media error

Tom thumb (in preview quality, and only the first minute. This is processed vertically instead of horizontally.

Slit scanner

I built me a slit scanner. Actually it does slit scanning plus some time shifting, so it produces a video instead of a still. More on this later...

Depth of Field *

Not my first experiment with DOF effects in QC, but the first time I've tried it this way. I'm rendering the scene 9 times from slightly different angles, and combining the results (this is a really common technique for DOF). The quality is reasonable, the speed not bad, not great (it'd be much better with a faster iterator). The composition is rather shit, but I was aiming for 'get something on the screen' rather than 'do something pretty'.

There's a couple of main controls, for setting the focal distance and blur amount, plus number of cubes.

Download the .qtz file here.

3d geometry + pixel effects

This is a basic '3d grid of cubes' spinning round, with a load of effects applied to it.

There's 19 different effects in this video, and it's a mixture of pixel and geometry effects, but my engine makes no distinction between textures and meshes so the pixel effects actually affect the mesh, and vice versa. For example I used another demoscene staple, the zoom blur near the end, and it blurs the mesh as well as the actual image.

Boring spikeball

This was a quick test of the front clipping plane glitch (see the ogre/3d test description below). Really boring video, it's just a spike ball rotating, but you can see the clipping thing clearly. The lighting is correct when the ball is far away, but when it gets close you can see the lighting get inverted as the mesh turns inside out, and it looks wrong.

Ogre / 3d test

I got a bit carried away with the point cloud thing, and downloaded a pointcloud based ogre head object off some site that I've forgotten. The idea was to do some funky stuff with the points, as a kind of fade in. It all went wrong, and I ended up with a wobble-tastic thing, strange glitches, and I figured out that the way I'm creating the mesh from the base data has some very odd effects. When the mesh is too close to the camera, it passes through something like a clipping plane, but instead of clipping, the Z value of the vertices reverses causing the mesh to turn inside out. When it passes through the far clipping plane, the mesh flattens against the back boundary (you see the object turn flat, white and blurry where it's far away).

Radiohead 3: radiodevil

Last (public) experiment with the radiohead data. This time, I've added horns to the mesh (again blended into the head, but I couldn't be arsed to keyframe them so they don't move when the head does ;) and also a particle based ripple effect (this is actually rippling the entire mesh).

Radiohead 2: cubiohead

Second experiment. Effectively the same thing, but this time I added cubes, which get included with the point cloud when the mesh is generated so they blend into the head.

Radiohead / house of cards

Quick experiment using video point clouds. Radiohead made a video using 3d video point clouds captured with a laser scanner, and released the source material so people can play with it. I used the point cloud data with my own stuff to render the video as a mesh, with a little lighting. The original data is really glitchy, and black + white, so my version is the same.

Note that this runs WAY below realtime - around 1fps! That's purely down to the iterator in QC, it's slow as hell, and it's doing around 12,000 points per frame. With a fast iterator, this could easily run at full speed (and the guys at are working on just such a thing \o/ )


Experiment with a 'metacubes' type effect. This is an early attempt, but runs pretty well, with around 500 cubes melting together quite nicely at decent speed.


Quick test of a smoke effect. It's basically using particles to inflate a sphere.

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